2020 U PICK

The field is still in bloom so we are adding another weekend to our U-pick!! June 26th, 27th and 28th from 9am-2pm. Purchase your tickets at the gate. Hope to see you soon.

Children 5 years and under and adults 65 years and older get in free. Admission is $6.

U pick days include lavender picking, shopping of our handmade products, and picnics are welcome. We will have a few picnic tables available and those are on a first come first serve basis. Feel free to bring a blanket to put under our event tent. We simply ask that you clean up what you brought so we can keep our farm clean and beautiful.

We will have 7 varieties of lavender to choose from…Grosso, Provence, Violet Intrigue, Gros Bleu, Melissa, Super and Royal Velvet. Some varieties are limited. Pick as much as you like. Your cut bundles will be measured in $5, $10, or $15 increments and banded for you at checkout.

Weather, Refunds, and Date Changes:
We have to plan each day/event, therefore a 48 hour notice is needed if you need to change your ticket date. Our events are rain or shine and all sales are FINAL. We do reserve the right to change, reschedule or cancel U pick dates, but there will be plenty of communication beforehand. Mother nature can be unpredictable, so if we must change a date, a refund or rescheduling will be issued. Thank you for your understanding of our policies.

Which Days To Pick:
The Augustafolias bud earlier in Spring and the Intermedias later in Spring, so please choose your U pick date accordingly if variety-specific lavender is of importance to you.

Your U Pick Day:
Upon arrival, you will be given information and instructions for picking. We will provide baskets, bags and scissors. For the safety of our plants, please do not bring or use your own. Once you have finished picking, please proceed to the large tent where your lavender will be measured and banded for you. All varieties will be marked so you know what you’re picking.

Shop With Us!
We will have over 40 hand-made lavender-based products for purchase at the tent ranging from bed, bath, body and even pet prodcuts! Think birthdays, gifts and Christmas or just spoil yourself!

We will have some honey bees hard at work creating lavender-pollinated honey. Please kindly share the field with them. Although the lavender is pretty relaxing to them, it is advisable that you bring the proper medication in case a sting does occur.

As much as we love pets, for everyone’s safety, no pets are allowed.

No professional photography or professional-grade cameras allowed during U pick dates. To schedule a private photography session on our farm, please contact us at info@twincreekslavender.com

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking:
Absolutely no drugs, alcohol or smoking is allowed on the premises during these family-friendly U-Pick dates. Anyone in violation of this will be asked to leave immediately without a ticket refund.

Trespassing of Adjoining Property:
As beautiful as the adjoining/neighboring pastures and property is, it does NOT belong to Twin Creeks Lavender so for your safety, please do not cross over the fence. Violators will be asked to leave without ticket refund.

Possible Farm Dangers:
Although our farm is relatively safe, please keep in mind that it is in fact a working farm so please watch where you step. Wearing close-toed shoes is recommended. Naturally, we have snakes. If you encounter one, please keep your distance and notify a Twin Creeks Lavender representative and they will safely remove it. Fire Ants: If you see a mound of red dirt, do NOT touch it, step on it or disturb it in any way. These ants swarm their nests from the ground when disturbed by the thousands and leave a nasty sting. We organically treat the fields for them, but they are pesky little suckers.

We are incredibly excited to have you and hope you enjoy our farm as much as we do!